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Designer candle "Cosmos"

Designer candle "Cosmos"

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  • From Natural Materials
  • Made with Love & Care
  • Delivery by Omniva and DPD
The lotus-shaped design of the Cosmos candles is long-lasting and high quality. They are perfect for a variety of compositions and for placing in glass containers. Popular in many countries around the world, including Latvia. They can have a slightly rough, bumpy texture and you can feel the material by touch. This surface gives the candles a slightly aged look.

Material: Purified Paraffin
Burner: Cotton
Size: 7x20cm
Burning time: ∼ 80h

Made in Latvia


Before each burning, trim the wick of the candle. Use a tray or candle holder for burning the candles. Do not burn them in a drafty room or in closed containers. Observe larger gaps between individual candles, when using them in a composition.

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