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  • From Natural Materials
  • Made with Love & Care
  • Delivery by Omniva and DPD

Love, Light, Harmony. dr. Psych. Jānis Caics, using the esoteric science of numerology , chose the right color shades and aromas so that each of these candles carries the CODE OF LOVE, LIGHT AND HARMONY . When you light the flame of the candle burner, its effect will increase . Given as a gift, it will bring love / light / harmony to both the giver and the recipient.
This candle collection was created at the Dobele candle factory by special order of Sveču Istabas , so it is available in only one place in the world.


Material: Paraffin
Burning time:
65 h

Diameter: 7 cm
Length: 15 cm

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