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Odoro Mood Cubansoul 200ml

Odoro Mood Cubansoul 200ml

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  • From Natural Materials
  • Made with Love & Care
  • Delivery by Omniva and DPD
ODORO is a fragrance brand that strives to give you the most beautiful emotions and a feeling of home through its different fragrances.

The scent of luxury. Ideal for a room where happy music and pleasant conversations never cease. Able to create a feeling of bohemian relaxation and luxurious haze. A fragrance that will inspire you and your guests.

Notes: rum, tobacco, verbena, sage, musk, honey, wood, coumarin.

Perfume notes: rum, tobacco, verbena, sage, musk, honey, wood, coumarin.

Special features:
- Extremely rapid diffusion of fragrances into any room of the house.
- Excellent for refreshing the scent of cars, wardrobes, fabrics and various objects.
- Very convenient, lockable scent spray design.
- High concentration of undiluted essential oil.
- One vial lasts 727 sprays!
- Origin: France.
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