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Odoro Mood Cuban home fragrance set

Odoro Mood Cuban home fragrance set

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  • From Natural Materials
  • Made with Love & Care
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ODORO is a brand that strives to give you the most beautiful emotions and a feeling of home through a variety of fragrances.

The scent of luxury. Ideal for a room where happy music and pleasant conversations never cease. Able to create a feeling of bohemian relaxation and luxurious haze. A fragrance that will inspire you and your guests.

Notes: rum, tobacco, verbena, sage, musk, honey, wood, coumarin.

ODORO MOOD is a bright and rich ODORO collection that will captivate everyone. Each bottle of perfume contains a combination of fragrances that will create the right mood not only in your heart, but also in your home.

The products are made in Lithuania, the aromatic oils are sourced from Europe's most renowned fragrance manufacturers.

All products are handmade with lots of love and good wishes for your home.


✨90 ml (3.0 fl. oz) of fragrance oil, 10 black sticks.

A beautiful and practical ODORO bottle in a round shape.
Fibre sticks made according to a new technology that ensures a much better distribution of the aroma in the room.
High concentration of undiluted essential oil.
One vial lasts 2-4 months.
Origin: France.
✨ Home fragrance spray 200ml

Extremely fast fragrance diffusion in any room of the house.
Perfect for refreshing the scent of cars, wardrobes, fabrics and various objects.
Very convenient, lockable design.
High concentration of undiluted essential oil.
One vial lasts 727 sprays!
Origin: France.
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