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Chakra Long Table Candle "Crown Chakra"

Chakra Long Table Candle "Crown Chakra"

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  • From Natural Materials
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Chakra candles, popular for their powerful, positive energy, are used in meditation, enhancing the energy of spaces, and restoring energy. Candles cleanse the room of negative energy and create a calm or, on the contrary, an uplifting mood in the room and in people's minds.

Chakra candles are made from 100% styrene with the EKO SWAN label, made from RSPO certified palm waxes.

Material: Stearin
Burning time:
18 h

Diameter: 2 cm
Length: 38 cm

Sahasrara - Crown Chakra

Chakra is responsible for: Consciousness, wisdom, understanding, enlightenment and bliss.

Task: Become aware of your connection with the highest, understand the universe, integrate the subconscious into consciousness, learn the unknown.

Location: Avotiņš
Color: Purple

Sense: The sense of direction
Lotus Petals: One thousand

Stones: Rock crystal, amethyst, clear quartz, white jade, white tourmaline, milky white quartz.

Essential oils: lavender, rose, frankincense, lotus.

Chakra balanced: Unity of worldliness and spirituality.

Chakra blocked: Alienation, depression, fatigue, lack of motivation.

Chakra overactive: Mania of persecution, egocentrism, pride.

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