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Amber dust

Amber dust

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  • From Natural Materials
  • Made with Love & Care
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Amber dust is intended for:
•For face masks, body scrubs, as well as for medical use.

•In folk medicine, amber dust mixed with water is used against stomach ailments. It is only necessary to add a little water.
-It can be sprinkled on wounds for faster healing.
- Was there too much load on the knees? Rub the dust intensively into the sore areas. So that you can feel when it starts to heat up. After that, you can apply the cream or oil with gentle/circular movements for better absorption.
-Helps ear and eye ailments.

• One of the main properties of dust is cell regeneration.

Prepare a face mask for amber dust, which:
- will remove edema;
- refreshes the facial skin;
-evens out fine wrinkles.
Also, this mask has an excellent lifting effect. Mix amber dust with warm water to create a homogeneous mass. This mask should be kept on the face for 15-20 minutes, rinsed with warm water or gently washed with a cosmetic towel.

After the mask, wash your face with flower water and cream.

These are just a couple of examples, because amber heals the whole body and the organism as a whole.

Composition: 100% Baltic amber.
The size of the amber fraction is dust.
Maximum grain size 100 microns.
Volume: 50 ml
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