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Amber dust for fire ritual, incense 1000ml

Amber dust for fire ritual, incense 1000ml

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  • From Natural Materials
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Amber - Stone of Fire!

The magical powder of the ancient shamans is a hidden key that, upon contact with the ritual fire, instantly opens the energy vibration of amber stored for many millions of years.

Used: fire in rituals, fumigation of rooms, ionization of rooms, cleaning of negative energies, saunas.

One of the methods of air ionization is to smoke amber in the room, this method has been used by people since ancient times, when nothing was known about ions. Crushed amber can be added to herbal incense or smoked on its own. At home, the simplest method is to smoke amber dust on a pan. We hang the pan, lightly sprinkle amber dust on the pan, walking around the room while the amber is smoking. Amber can be poured into a incense container and smoked slowly under a candle, and amber can be smoked very effectively in a sauna. By sprinkling a little amber on hot stones before you go to warm up in the sauna.

Composition: 100% Baltic amber.
The size of the amber fraction is different - ground, not sieved. Possible grains - 1 mm
Grain size from 20 - 1000 microns.
Volume: 1000 ml

Amber dust for fire ritual can easily ignite, do not leave it unattended. Store in a safe place.
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