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Eco stearin salt candle "White"

Eco stearin salt candle "White"

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  • From Natural Materials
  • Made with Love & Care
  • Delivery by Omniva and DPD
White eco stearin candle with salt design elements. Stearin candles are an ecological and natural product that stands out for its production process and biodegradable composition. Stearin is obtained from vegetable oils, ensures longer and cleaner burning, compared to other candles.

Material: Stearin
Burner: Cotton
Size: 5.5 x 13.5 cm
Burning time:

∼ 45 h

Made in Latvia


Before each burning, trim the wick of the candle. Use a tray or candle holder for burning the candles. Do not burn them in a drafty room or in closed containers. Observe larger gaps between individual candles, when using them in a composition.

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